There is something truly magical about Joshua Tree National Park.  The night sky there is crisp and clear.  A full moon over Joshua Tree is an experience you'll not soon forget.
johsua2 1000X563
This is an evening shot Trixi took of Balance Rock in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.  At twilight, like this, the entire place is surreal and magical.  The flickering stars in the cinemagraph add to the mystical aura of the area.
We took this photograph at dusk on the Oregon Coast.  This lighthouse is typical of the style used extensively on the Oregon coast in years gone by.  You could sense the the history and the stories this old lighthouse could tell.
aap lighthouse 900X728
This is a cinemagraph of a gentlman sipping his beer in front of the fireplace.  The flickering fire makes the image come alive.  It was taken in Germany.
aao beer3 778X800
This photo (cinemagraph) was taken on the beach in Oregon.  This little fellow was only about an inch in diamater which makes this crab photo not only a cinemagraph but a macro shot.
aal crab 1000X563 1
This shot was taken in Florida at the Myakka State Park.  There are a lot of gaters there and this one has his eye on you.  A little creepy but very cool.
gator animated 900X675
This is an Egret. The shot was taken at Myakka State Park in Florida. These beautiful white birds are big and a little skiddish.
Egret 1
eeg owl1
chesire1 animdoze bret
bretspin2 400X400
aah costalfog1 900X675
aad grouper2
aaj newport1 A sec
aac jellyfish3 600X600